Vintage Sunglasses Day – The Winter Edition 2013

The Winter Edition of Vintage Sunglasses Day 2013 will take place on Nov 2, 2013 at Timetunnel living in Zurich. We are happy to welcome you on our first Winter Edition of the… Continue reading

Vintage American Optical F-343

These vintage American Optical F-343 were often used in the 1960/70s by Swissair Pilots and Sportsmen as e.g. Jo Siffert, Ferdy K├╝bler and Hugo Koblet (Cycling legends with AO F-343). The frames were… Continue reading

Safilo UFO 3003

Bogner 7001/13

Bogner 7001/12

Claudio La Viola by dolomit

Ted Lapidus F46

Sunrock black

MASERATI | Mod. 612105

Persol RATTI meflecto | 9231/95