Trendletter 2011

Update June 2011

Content: Round Frames. Cat Eye Frames. Small Size Frames. Panto Forms. Pastell Colored Transparent Frames. Classics.

Round Frames.

1-2 years ago, some brand started with a re-issue of round shaped sunglasses. they do not fit all faces. be careful about size and color to choos. better keep on the classic black frame with with dark gradient glasses (see the CHANEL Model below). Do not wear them in flashy colors, otherwise you look like a fool soccer fan 🙂


Cat Eye Frames.

In the 2011 fashion shows cat eye glasses became hyped. I don’t think that there will be a breakthroug for the classic form like in the 50’s. It is a too extravaganza style to wear them today. but… you never know..

here is an example of a classic vintage cat eye Ray Ban sunglasses:

 Picture: Black Cat Eye Ray Ban U.S.A.

Small Size.

The time has come for a revival of the small size sunglasses. Within the next two or three years there will be a revival of the small sized frames.

A sample of a small frame I like a lot to wear at the moment is this vintage high quality shade from Dolce & Gabbana (DG 903S B5):


Panto Form.

Personally, I prefer for this summer 2011 and winter 2012 the classic timeless Panto forms as seen here in this vid:

Picture: No Name, Panto Form Vintage Sunglasses.

The Panto form gives you an individual touch and takes you beside mainstream and in addition – you do not get them (yet) as cheap Asian plastic models.  


Pastell Colored Transparent Frames.

An upcoming frame type for urban individualists is this lightly transparent frame type used in the 1920s/1930s. It is definitvely not for the masses but it is something new and refreshing and a kontrapunkt to the 80s revival hype and these asian made colored wayfarer frames. Try to get a vintage frame and pimp it with new lens.


Source: ebay/royalglasses                               Source: ebay/globalantiques


Ray Ban CLASSICS review.

Pilot: Ray Ban’s Pilot Sunglasses with slight metal frame! still strong in fashion. ladies just look cool with these sunglasses.

Wayfarer: Bad enough that the cheap Asian copies ruin the fashion trend. It is inflationary and kills individuality. I prefer wearing the original 80s in black and white. If you find a pair with green glasses – this makes you looking very very cool.

Clubmaster: A logic response to the Wayfarer-Hype. They have a business look. You have to shave your beard if you wear them.

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