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Vintage American Optical F-343

These vintage American Optical F-343 were often used in the 1960/70s by Swissair Pilots and Sportsmen as e.g. Jo Siffert, Ferdy Kübler and Hugo Koblet (Cycling legends with AO F-343). The frames were… Continue reading

MASERATI | Mod. 612105

Alpina TR3 photo hommage

Messner – Björn Borg – BMW

Hi this is a part of my private vintage sunglasses collection – I guess they are all from the same factory (a former factory in Passau, Germany I was told). These are quite… Continue reading

Bogner 7001

BOGNER’s Ski Dance – Fancy dress-up..

B&L Ray Ban U.S.A. Chromax Driving Series

Rodenstock Supersonic 1755 D

Ferrari F58 (custom lens)

Dunhill 6046 (custom lens)